Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hotels vs Bed and Breakfasts

I like to travel around my great state of Virginia and also around the Southern United States. When I first started traveling, of course I stayed in hotels. I always found most of them impersonal and cold. However, I thought I really had no choice. Hotels generally have the best marketing and are easy to book reservations on the web.

When my friend Joyce started telling me about how her and her husband loved staying in bed and breakfasts, it certainly piqued my interest! I started searching the internet for bed and breakfasts in places I wanted to visit. I found that bed and breakfasts provide very personal and warm service that hotels don't. Usually they are owned by a family that lives in the house. Basically they are renting you a room in their house!

I love smelling the home cooked dinners or the fresh pastries in the morning. One place I went to had warm donuts that were delicious. I truly recommend that every try staying in a bed and breakfast Williamsburg or anywhere in Virginia or the South. the people here are so nice and bed and breakfast let you experience true Souther Hospitality.

Bye for now. See you next post!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why a bed and breakfast in Williamsburg, Virginia?

Colonial Williamsburg is a fantastic vacation spot for individuals, couples, and families. It is part of the Historic Triangle of Virginia (which also includes Yorktown and Jamestown) and is one of the United State's most popular tourist destinations. There are three main reasons people visit Williamsburg - history, history, and...I can't seem to remember the third...oh yeah...history! It was an early settlement area in colonial times and has been home to many historic events.

When vacationing here, the are many options for where you stay. Personally my favorite thing to do is stay at a good ol' bed and breakfast in Williamsburg. There is nothing more relaxing than coming here with your spouse and spending the weekend or a week exploring the beautiful area and history of this amazing colonial city. I live in Virginia myself (not in Williamsburg) but instead of making day trips, we like to take weekend trips there and stay at bed and breakfasts.

More posts will follow this discussing the benefits and offerings of bed and breakfast Williamsburg Virgina. Can't wait to keep writing.